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Donor Impact

Every single contribution helps further our mission.

Help us aid domestic violence victims so that they may become domestic violence survivors.




$250 Donation This donation goes toward the purchase of a Ring Doorbell Camera or a locksmith to come out and change the locks and reinforce the doors. These additional safety measures provide a sense of security and add another barrier between a victim and their abuser.



$100 Donation This donation goes toward the purchase of clothing and essential needs items for our clients and their families. Oftentimes victims arrive at the center with only the clothes on their back and without the financial means to purchase any additional items for themselves or their families. We put together care packages for them including clothing items, self care items, and basic household cleaning supplies.



$50 Donation This donation goes toward providing clients and their families with gift packages or gift baskets during the holidays. Whether Easter or Christmas, we want these children to experience the joy that comes with opening gifts and celebrating with their families.



$25 Donation This donation goes toward providing clients with a workbook, notebook, and other educational reading materials when they participate in individual and group counseling sessions. These help with healing and ways to overcome the trauma and abuse they experienced through domestic violence.