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Family Violence

Family Violence can happen to both men and women, in heterosexual and same-sex relationships. It happens regardless of age, income, education, culture or religion.

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Research shows that exposure to violence at a young age can harm a child's emotional, psychological, and even physical development. Children who are exposed to violence are more likely to have difficulty in school, abuse drugs or alcohol, act aggressively, and suffer from depression.

Source: https://www.ojp.gov/feature/family-violence/overview & https://hhs.texas.gov/services/safety/family-violence-program


Family Violence can take many forms and presents with both physical and psychological dangers for the whole family

  • Physical Abuse (hitting or using a weapon)
  • Sexual Abuse (rape or any unwanted sexual contact)
  • Emotional Abuse (threats or humiliation)
  • Financial Abuse (controlling a person's money without their permission)